Double Vision

We Provide Quality Care for Diplopia (Double Vision)

If you have diplopia (double vision or ghost images) you should see an Optometrist as soon as possible. A sudden onset of diplopia in children or adults is more of a concern than a longstanding one, but both warrant a visit to the Optometrist to diagnose whether the condition is temporary, related to poor eye muscle coordination, or the result of a potentially serious neurological or health problem.

Longstanding diplopia can be associated with developmental binocular problems when the ability to use both eyes together never developed properly. Temporary double vision can result from drinking too much alcohol, or fatigue. This may indicate that you have a slight eye turn that is not noticeable cosmetically, but causes problems when you are drunk or tired. The danger is that you may be wasting energy daily by subconsciously compensating for this tendency for your eyes to drift apart which leads to fatigue, eye strain, and decreased productivity.

Double vision can also result from a more serious problem such as:

  • Stroke or cerebrovascular accident (leads to temporary or permanent cranial nerve palsy causing misalignment of the eyes)
  • Third nerve palsy from diabetes
  • Traumatic or acquired brain injury (from sports, car accident, a blow to the head, etc.)
  • Orbital fracture and trapped eye muscle
  • Multiple Sclerosis

If you have a sudden onset of double vision, and a severe headache, or muscle weakness, call 911 immediately.

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