1. Some people are better candidates for LASIK (and other types of laser surgery) than others. Whether you are a good candidate depends on factors such as your prescription, your eye health, and your visual needs. I can determine if you are a good candidate. If you are a good candidate, I will work closely with the best eye surgeons in the area and I will provide your pre-and-post surgical care.During your pre-operative exam, we will determine if you have any medical problems that may interfere with refractive surgery or healing. Some of these problems can be treated so that you can expect the best possible outcome from surgery. Your pre-op exam includes the following considerations:
  • Quality and quantity of tear production. Dry eyes need to be treated before surgery.
  • Corneal thickness
  • Topography or surface characteristics of cornea
  • Large pupils (certain procedures may be better for you than others)
  • Is your prescription within the acceptable range?
  • Are you more suitable for monovision or single vision?
  • What is your “true” or full prescription (performed under dilation)
Lasik Eye Surgery
  • Laser surgery is not a cure-all. Having the surgery does not guarantee that you will not need to wear contacts or glasses again. Your prescription will continue to change and most people still need reading glasses when they are over 40. Besides for reading, glasses may be necessary for all close activities such as conversation, reading your watch or phone, and computer work.
  • Laser surgery is not without risks and you should fully understand the risks before electing to have the surgery.

LASIK technology continues to change and improve. Safety and accuracy has increased, and post-operative complications have decreased. Because of the superior accuracy of newer LASIK methods such as IntraLase, certain patients who were ineligible for LASIK before, may now be able to have the treatment.

Here are the most important things to know:

These cautions not withstanding, laser surgery can provide a good solution and can help you see better without contacts or glasses. Before choosing the surgery, I strongly advise you to educate yourself thoroughly on the procedure– its benefits and its shortcomings. I would be happy to advise you on this very important decision.

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