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Finding the best glasses or contact lenses for you involves more than just knowing your prescription. Dr. Elise Brisco, OD, FAAO, CCH, FCOVD evaluates your unique lifestyle and vision type before recommending corrective lenses at Hollywood Vision Center, Optometry, Inc., at Carthay, Miracle Mile, Mid-Wilshire, Beverly Hills, California. To discover which glasses or contact lenses can help you achieve your full vision potential, call or book a consultation online.

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Prescription Glasses & Contact Lenses Q & A

How do glasses compare to contact lenses?

While they both correct your vision, glasses and contacts each offer their own advantages and drawbacks. Dr. Brisco spends time discussing your vision and lifestyle needs to determine which type of corrective lenses are best for you.


Glasses can be less expensive in the long run, since they require less cleaning and don’t need to be replaced as frequently. You may also like the way certain frames enhance your natural beauty.

Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

Recent advances in contact lens technology offer a greater variety of lenses that need much less maintenance than older versions. Contacts provide crisper vision and a greater field of peripheral vision than glasses do.

What are the different types of contact lenses?

Dr. Brisco and the team at Hollywood Vision Center, Optometry, Inc. understands that all eyes are unique. To find the best fit for you, they offer a wide variety of contact lens designs, including specialty contacts lenses such as:

Multifocal Contacts

Multifocal contacts offer freedom from bifocals and eliminate the need to switch between reading and distance glasses.


Ortho K contact lenses are specially designed, rigid, gas-permeable lenses that gradually reshape your cornea. These lenses decrease conditions such as astigmatism and myopia without surgery.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Dr. Brisco is the number one fitter of scleral contact lenses in southern California. Scleral contacts have a wider diameter, allowing them to rest on the sclera or white of your eye.

How do I know which glasses or contact lenses are right for me?

Dr. Brisco considers several factors when she recommends the best corrective lenses to suit your needs. She begins with a comprehensive eye exam and reviews your medical history. Then, she recommends lenses based on several factors, such as:

  • Age and lifestyle
  • Visual demands at work and play
  • Type and level of prescription
  • The curvature of the eye
  • Moisture of the eye
  • Overall health
  • Medications you may be taking

She also considers eye conditions, such as lazy eye (amblyopia) or misaligned eyes (strabismus), when recommending prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.

To find out what type of prescription glasses or contact lenses will best enhance your life, call Hollywood Vision Center, Optometry, Inc. or schedule a consultation online.

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