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Optimal vision extends beyond 20/20 eyesight. Dr. Elise Brisco, OD, FAAO, CCH, FCOVD helps men, women, and children master complex visual skills with vision therapy at Hollywood Vision Center, Optometry, Inc., at Carthay, Miracle Mile, Mid-Wilshire, Beverly Hills, California. To learn how vision therapy can enhance your learning skills, athletic performance, and ability to perform daily tasks, call or book a consultation online.

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Vision Therapy Q & A

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is a physical and perceptual healing treatment that improves eye muscle control, eye-hand and eye-body coordination, and cognitive processing of visual information. This type of therapy focuses on helping you integrate visual information faster and more effectively.

Benefits of vision therapy include:

  • Rehabilitation after brain injury such as stroke
  • Improvements in daily tasks such as driving
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Better reading and learning skills
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When it comes to good vision, most people think of seeing clearly or having 20/20 eyesight. While this is an important aspect of vision, what you see with your eyes is actually a result of complex processes in your brain. In fact, 80% of your brain is related to visual function. This means any type of injury to your brain can affect activities that depend on visual skills, such as walking and driving.

Dr. Brisco is an expert in vision therapy and co-founded the Rehabilitative Vision Clinic at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, which has since moved to the California Rehabilitation Institute.

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What problems can vision therapy help?

As many as 20% of children and adults have problems with visual skills such as eye tracking and visual perception. These types of problems can interfere with work, school, and sports performance.

Dr. Brisco uses vision therapy to treat many problems, including:

  • Amblyopia, commonly referred to as lazy eye
  • Strabismus, or misaligned eyes
  • Visual impairments after brain injuries (such as trauma or craniotomy)
  • Computer vision syndrome (headaches, eye strain, decreased productivity)

Vision therapy also helps athletes perform better with faster and more accurate visual motor skills.

How can vision therapy improve sports performance?
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Dr. Brisco has worked with beginner and professional athletes all over the world, including NHL hockey players and Olympic athletes. No matter your age or level of involvement in sports, she understands how vital excellent vision is to an athlete’s game.

Similar to the way physical practice improves your muscle coordination and reflexes, sports vision training improves abilities such as:

  • Eye tracking, such as keeping your eye on a ball
  • Hand-eye coordination, such as swinging a golf club
  • Depth perception to improve anticipation of upcoming obstacles, such as moguls on a ski slope

Dr. Brisco uses several vision tests to evaluate your existing vision capacities and designs an individualized sports training program to address your specific needs.

To find out how vision therapy can improve your unique lifestyle, call or book a consultation online today.

“My neice had eye turns and was to the point where she was embarrassed by the situation and use to get bullied in school for it. We had thought surgery would be the only option. We went to Dr. Brisco for a consultation, and she started vision therapy. Last week was her review, and we were so thrilled to find out that she no longer needed the surgery, and her eyes are working very well together. I have never seen my niece with so much confidence, and she’s doing a lot better in school. I am so happy I could cry! I’m a firm believer in vision therapy and will refer everyone I know with vision needs to Hollywood vision center. Give your child a chance and trust Dr. Brisco! She’s one of the only Optometrist that recommends a holistic option and has the best team working with her to improve eye sight.” — Star T.

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