Vsp Premier Provider

Dr. Elise Brisco, OD is part of the VSP Premier Providers network. If you are a VSP member, this means you are eligible for a comprehensive vision exam as well as additional benefits such as savings on glasses and contacts purchased at our office.

VSP doctors are certified by the Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent(TPA). Dr. Brisco is qualified as a VSP doctor through her work history, professional licensing, education, ethics, and other standards. As part of the VSP network, we carry some of the most highly regarded eyewear brands. We have a beautiful, and a large selection of frames to help you look your best. Since we are a VSP Premiere office, you’ll receive an extra amount towards your allowance when selecting specific designers such as MCM, Chloe, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Nike, Dragon, DKNY, Flexon, and Lacoste.

To receive VSP coverage, contact your employer or health plan to determine the costs. VSP covered patients enjoy extensive benefits in the form of savings on exams and prescriptions. These savings can amount to values in the hundreds or more. Additional savings are available if your healthcare costs are paid through payroll deductions.

You can choose a wide selection of frames thanks to the VSP benefits. If your coverage plan extends to contact lenses, you can choose them instead of glasses.

VSP members can call Dr. Brisco directly and set up their preferred appointment. Once you make the call, our office will handle the rest of the proceedings!

Insurances Accepted

For any coverage-related questions, please contact our office.

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